Fender American Performer Series

Fender American Performer Series

The Fender American Performer Series is a brand new range of guitars and basses that supersedes the American Special Series, delivering a selection of upgrades, new models and exciting new colours!

The Fender American Performer Series is a brand new range of guitars and basses, built in Corona, California. Superseding the American Special Series, the American Performer range delivers a host of upgrades, new models and some exciting colours, all at prices that allow players of any level to get access to a real US made Fender!

The American Performer Series sees Fender expand on the range of models available when compared to the old American Special selection. There are two Strat variations, the American Performer Strat and the American Performer Strat HSS, while the Telecaster options are the American Performer Tele and the American Performer Tele Hum (a humbucker loaded model...the clue is in the name!).

Fender American Performer Telecaster Hum, Telecaster, Stratocaster HSS and Stratocaster.

Guitarists will also welcome the addition of some of Fender's alternative models being in the lineup, with the American Performer Jazzmaster and American Performer Mustang models spicing up the guitar options available.

Bassists are being treated well too! The American Performer Precision Bass sees Fender adding a handy Jazz Bass pickup to the model, for a 'best of both worlds" vibe, whilst the American Performer Jazz Bass delivers just what is required...and it doesn't stop there! A very cool looking short scale (30") model is in the mix too, in the form of the American Performer Mustang Bass.

Across the range of models available there are some classic colour options that we all know and love - Sunburst, Black and White, alongside some great new options - Aubergine, Honey Burst, Penny, Satin Surf Green, Satin Sonic Blue and Satin Lake Placid Blue.

Fender American Performer Jazzmaster and Mustang.

When it comes to pickups, all models feature the new Yosemite models, designed to deliver rich and expressive tones fit for any musical situation. The humbucker spec'd guitars come loaded with the patent-pending Double Tap humbucker - able to produce throaty humbucker tones alongside expressive single coil sounds without the loss of volume often found with typical split coils. In addition, all models feature Fender's Grease Bucket Circuit, which allows the tone pot to reduce high frequencies without adding bass, allowing you to preserve your tone.

Fender American Performer Jazz Bass, Mustang Bass and Precision Bass.

There is also a selection of very welcome player-oriented features such as modern neck profiles and fingerboard radii, jumbo frets and Fender's new Classic Gear tuning machines, that all combine to make a great feeling instruments that'll inspire you to pick up and play them time after time.

The Fender American Performer Series gives players access to a superbly spec'd, great feeling and wonderful sounding instrument with that authentic "made in America stamp", all whilst maintaining a wallet friendly price.


03rd December 2018


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