NAMM 2018

NAMM 2018

Keep up to date with some of the most exciting launches at the NAMM 2018 Music Trade Show.

The NAMM trade show is an annual music event held in Annaheim, California. Every year leading manufacturers show off their range and launch a host of new and exciting products. NAMM 2018 will be no different, so stick with us and we'll keep you up to date on some of the most exciting new gear from top brands including Fender, Marshall, Roland, Boss, Orange and more!  



In recent years Fender have upgraded some of there best selling Series' with a fresh name and spec tweak - the American Standard range is now the American Pro Series, the Deluxe has been superseded by the Elite range, and now its the turn of the America Vintage Series...welcome for 2018 the brand new Fender American Original Series. As with the American Vintage Series, the new American Original Series delivers a range of guitars inspired by great moments in Fender history, with new Strats, Teles, Jaguars, Jazzmasters, P Basses and Jazz Basses in decade specific ranges (50s, 60s and 70s).

In addition, Fender have also seen fit to upgrade their ever popular Hot Rod series of amps - Hot Rod IV is now here. The new Hot Rod range features the Hot Rod Deluxe IV, Hot Rod Deville IV, Blues Junior IV and a Ltd Lacquered Tweed Pro Junior IV. Changes for all models include subtle cosmetic tweaks and new circuit changes for improved tone and dynamics.

Every year Fender release a limited run of models, and this year we have the Parallel Universe Series. As the name implies, the selection of models host a crossover of specs and styles, delivering totally unique guitars. The Thinline Tele Super Deluxe and the Jazz Tele have certainly caught out attention!



BOSS have added a new member to the ever expanding (and top-selling!) Katana range, the compact Katana-AIR. The battery powered (it can also be mains powered) BOSS Katana-AIR is the "world's first wireless guitar amp", coming packaged with a clever motion-sensor transmitter that'll give you the opportunity to have a completely cable free set-up! Not only that, but that amp comes loaded with 5 great amp characters (derived from the bigger Katana amps), access to over 50 BOSS effects and lots more!

The Katana-AIR isn't the only new addition the Katana range, as BOSS have also announced the Katana-ARTIST. This flagship model is a 100w compact combo that features a premium 12" Waza speaker, custom tuned amp characters and lots more! 

BOSS have also expanded the GT range of effects with the flagship GT-1000 Guitar Multi Effects Processor. Designed to to deliver class leading sound quality and musical expression, the GT-1000 ushers in a new era of possibilities and tonal performance.

For 2018, BOSS have also added to their Loop Station range with the addition of the RC1-BK, a limited edition version (in black as opposed to red) of the top-selling RC1.



Roland have announced a couple very interesting drum products, which are sure to appeal to the hybrid drummers of the world. The

TM6 Pro Trigger Module is a professional piece of kit, allowing the acoustic drummer to trigger sounds to compliment their acoustic kit - great for stage and studio. The Roland RT-MicS is a compact hybrid drum module for acoustic snares and toms, a simple way to incorporate external drum sounds to your acoustic set-up.



Ibanez, as always, have a huge range of new and exciting models. New guitars and basses cover everything from their entry level GIO models, through to their Premium range and Japanese made Prestige series. There are some real stand out models in each range, for example, in the RG range we see the welcome return of the legendary RG550 in 4 very 'Ibanez' finishes, the RG370AHMZ model in the cool Silver Wave Black Flat colour, the RGRT421 model, the RGAT62 and the eye catching RGRT621DPB with its coloured Poplar Burl top. In addition, new Artcore models include the AS73 in Olive Green, the classic flame top AS93FM and the cool AS83 in a very Dave Grohl-esque Steel Blue colour! 

Ibanez have also released a new twist on the iconic Tube Screamer. Utilizing Korg's unique NuTube techology, Ibanez have taken the classic pedal to new heights, courtesy of a real vale power!

All of the Ibanez range can be seen here.



The big release for KORG comes in the form of the new Prologue 16 (61 key, 16 voice) and Prologue 8 (49 key, 8-voice) analogue synths. Preceded by the top-selling minilogue and then the monophonic monologue, the Korg Prologues are the flagship models of the range, fully-programmable, full-featured, professional synthesizer.

The Korg Volca series gets a new addition to the family...and this time it's a little different, though well overdue. The Korg Volca MIX has been designed especially for use with the Volcas, a four-channel analogue performance mixer that lets you construct a live setup combining multiple Volca units (p to three units can be connected).

NAMM wouldn't be NAMM for KORG if didn't release a tuner or two, and this year sees them delve into OLED screen technology. The AW-OTG & AW-OTB clip-on tuners are the first ever tuner to use OLED technology, producing superior visibility and appearance. 



2018 sees Orange Amplification celebrate their 50th year (congrats!), so it looks like it is going to be a big year for them. New products announced for NAMM include two Terror amps, the Rocker 15 Terror and Brent Hinds (of Mastodon) Terror, a cool 2x12 vertical lightweight cabinet - the Orange PPC212V, and a new updated battery powered combo, the Orange Crush MINI.



Sporting modern touches whilst maintaining an authentic vibe, the new Squier Contemporary Series delivers progressive takes on the legendary Strat and Tele guitars. There are four models in the range, three Strats, Squier Contemporary Strat HH, Squier Contemporary Strat HSS and the Floyd Rose loaded Squier Contemporary Active Strat HH (yep, with active pickups!). The double humbucker loaded Squier Contemporary Tele HH completes the range. All models feature eye-catching matching headcaps and modern 12" radius fingerboards, and "ready to rock" hot output pickups.



Marshall have launched two new ranges for 2018. First up is the new incarnation of the DSL Series, featuring a host of new upgrades including adjustable power outputs (go from bedroom to stage!), some EQ tweaks and a new emulated output designed in conjunction with Softube. The range includes the 1 watt DSLCR1 combo and DSL1HR head, the 5 watts DSL5CR combo, the 20 watt DSL20CR combo and DSL20HR head, a 40 watt combo in the form of the DSL40CR and the 100w daddy, the DSL100HR head.

In addition to the new DSL range, we welcome the new for 2018 Marshall Origin Series. The Origin Series takes Marshall back to their routes whilst listening to what contemporary players want. Their design hosts a single-channel set-up, delivering the most expressive  and dynamic amp in Marshall's range. Five models currently sit in the range, the 5 watt ORI5C combo, the 20 watt ORI20C combo and ORI20H head, and the 50 watt ORI50C combo and ORI50H head.



A first from the team at Blackstar (well if you exclude the Fly 3 Bass mini amps)...the bass world has a new bass range! Unity Bass from Blackstar Amplification is (currently) a range of 5 amps, from a bedroom friendly 30 watter up to a gig ready 500w 2x10" combo, with a handy 1x15" active cab completing the 6-piece line-up. All amps features the Unique Response Control, emulating 3 power amp stages , a 3-option drive section with overdrive, fuzz and distortion, additional effects and pro connectivity. Designed from the ground up by bass players, for bass players they are straight forward, versatile and powerful.

15th January 2018


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