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Personalised multi point setup included

Before dispatch, your instrument will be treated to a full setup. Thats not a quick tweek but a full multi point setup by an experienced guitar technician who will check and adjust every single thing on your guitar, bass, ukulele or banjo to ensure it is performing at its absolute best.

This is not a quick process but we believe every instrument should go through our process to acheive an exacting standard of playability.


We start with the frets on your instrument. All guitar neck move and change over time so we will make sure that your frets are nice and flat as we go up the neck. We don't want any high or low spots as theis will mean your guitar will need a higher than optimum action and potentially suffer with fret buzz.

We check and properly profile the playing surface of the frets and then make sure the fret ends are finished off properly.

Truss Rod

Then it's on to the truss rod. This metal rod differs from guitar to guitar (some guitars such as classical guitars don't usually have a truss rod!) and basically controls the "relief" or curve of the neck. Not enough relief and your strings won't have enough clearance over the other frets when playing. Too must relief and you'll have a high action which gets worse as you go up the neck.

The heavier the strings then the more the truss rod needs to work. Proper adjustment in the workshop means that the action will be just right.

Top Nut

The top nut is super important and is one of the two open contact points of your guitar. The tech will check and cut each slot to make sure the strings both run freely but are not sitting in a slot that's too big.

The top nut also plays a big part in the action of your guitar so we'll hit that sweet spot between too low and too high.


Another really important part of your guitar!

On an acoustic, the saddle is cut to the correct height making sure the bottom is 100% flat and straight. This means the string can transfer its vibration properly into the body of your guitar.

For electric guitars, the saddles are adjusted to form the correct radius to match that of your fretboard.

Bridge / Tremolo
Overall Action
Machine Heads
Other Parts

Roland PM100 V-Drums Electric Drum Amp - 80 Watts

SKU: PM100
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 2-5 Days
This item is not currently in stock and will typically take 2-5 days to be dispatched. We will keep you updated on the status of your order.
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The Roland PM100 Drum Monitor is a unit designed to achieve that comprehensive, immersive sound that electric drum kit owners crave but with that all important compact footprint. This monitoring solution from Roland is the perfect match for the electronic V-Drum kits.

This fine tuned PM100 can provide up to 80 watts of power which is expressed through a purpose made 10" custom full-range speaker with tweeter to Accentuate that famous 'expressive' V-drum tonal response from every groove down to the subtle nuances. The specifically angled design also helps provide the perfect sound coverage for the seated drummer too.

With the PM100 Roland give the drummer back the ability to control their sound. A versatile integrated mixer is built into the control panel of the monitor and features independent volume controls and responsive global EQ.  

Roland Japan have ensured that this monitor will stand the test of time too. Players regulary transporting their monitor system to and from rehersals or using it for live performances will appreciate the PM100's rugged cabinet. Also included in this ergonomic design is a unique full-width bar handle to make vital floor adjustments easier and carrying more convenient. 

Another excellent feature featured on-board the PM-100 is handy connectivity options. Connect your favourite music players or devices and you can happily play along for fun, practice or improving your techniques. 

  • Drum monitor design for use with the Roland V-Drum kits and more
  • Rugged, Road-ready cabinet 
  • Full width bar carry handle 
  • Intergrated mixer with independant volume controls and global EQ
  • 80 watts
  • Custom 10" speaker with 2" tweeter
  • 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch line inputs for connecting electronic percussion pads, smartphones or music players
  • POWER switch, V-Drums VOLUME knob, LINE INPUT VOLUME knob, BASS knob and TREBLE knob controls. 
  • AC in jack 
  • Width 388 mm
  • Depth 407 mm
  • Height 354 mm
  • Weight 13.5 kg



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