BOSS Acoustic Singer Amplifiers

BOSS Acoustic Singer Amplifiers

BOSS have launched two new acoustic/vocal amplifiers in the form of the BOSS Acoustic Singer Live and its bigger brother the BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro

The new BOSS Acoustic Singer amplifiers are a fresh new range that's got a whole lot going for them, a perfect option for the gigging acoustic player who loves to sing.

There are two models in the range, the 60w BOSS Acoustic Singer Live and its bigger brother, the 120w BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro. Both amps feature dedicated guitar and vocal/mic channels and come loaded with a host of handy features.

The acoustic guitar channel features an analogue input circuit and BOSS's Acoustic Resonance allowing your guitar's tone to really shine. In addition you are also treated to a 3-band EQ, phase switch and notch control for feedback issues, two types of chorus effects, a reverb optimised for guitar and a built-in looper (controllable via an optional footswitch).

As with the guitar channel, the dedicated vocal/mic channel hosts a discrete analogue input circuit (with phantom power) providing excellent headroom and vocal sound with a full, clear tone. A three-band EQ, phase switch, and anti-feedback notch control, plus top-quality delay/echo and reverb effects to add to your vocal sound...and it doesn't stop there. Thanks to the onboard vocal harmony section, you are treated to two types of vocal harmonies that are tracked, analysed and created in real time via your guitar chords - ensuring of pitch perfect vocal accompaniment.

The rear of the amp has a host of connectivity, including a handy USB with a direct to DAW recording function.

Play acoustic?...sing?...gig?...then these amps may just be your thing!


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20th January 2017


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