Ashdown Supercentre

Ashdown Supercentre

GigGear are now an official Ashdown Supercentre! 

What does this mean?....well, it means not only is there a great range of Ashdown gear available to buy on our website, but also, our Harlow store is chock full of gear ready to try!

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Ashdown Supercentre

Ok, so if you don't know Ashdown (there can't be many that don't!), it is arguably the biggest bass brand in the world. The list of real world artists and bands that have used Ashdown over the years include the Foo Fighters, The Who, Paul McCartney, Alter Bridge, Artic Monkeys, Pino Palladino, Stuart Zender, Black Sabbath...the list really goes on and on!

Ashdown Supercentre

Founded by Mark Gooday (previously of Trace Elliot) in ’97, and now headed up by Mark's son Dan, Ashdown have been dedicated to providing bassists with the best possible tone, on stage and in the studio, the world over.

Ashdown Supercentre

With a range of bass amps, bass guitars and bass accessories, Ashdown deliver everything and more a bassist, be it beginner or pro, could ever need!...and it doesn't stop there, as they also produce a great range of guitar amps and accessories too!

Ashdown Supercentre

Feel free to pop into our store and let our team guide you through the ranges and models available, and if you're not local, feel free to browse our site or call us on 01279 432900 for friendly, expert advice.

10th August 2023
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