BOSS Katana Version 2 Software Update

BOSS Katana Version 2 Software Update

The Katana range just got better thanks to an all new Version 2 software update. Find out what's new here!

Apart from the Katana Mini, all BOSS Katana amps will be on the receiving end of an all new Version 2 firmware update! If you already own a Katana this update won't cost you a penny as you can access a free download on the BOSS website which can be updated on your PC or Mac via a USB connection. 

So what features are included in the update? Customizable through the BOSS Tone Studio, BOSS have added all new effects which rack the total number of effects available in these awesome amplifiers up to an impressive 58. The new additions include effect types such as the SDE-3000 Delay, the 90E Phaser and the Flanger 117E, as well as a channel EQ and a global parametric equaliser. 

The hall section of the amplifier has now been revamped allowing it to now control delay or delay and reverb combinations while an extra bank has also been added to allow players to save even more amp-channel and effect-setup programs when compared to version 1. 

New for version 2 software and applicable to any Katana with a built in effects loop are extended send and return capabilities for use with external effects and offering added flexibility (e.g. You can set for each individual tone setting value) which is also configurable via the BOSS Tone Studio. 

Another new feature is a unique cabinet resonance function inherited from the larger WAZA CRAFT amps. You can now select up to three different resonance types which will effect the dynamic relationship between the output and the loudspeaker for alternative responses and flavours. Also passed down from the legendary WAZA Amps are special 'Airfeel' selections which add speaker simulations to the Line and USB outputs for even more options when it comes to tonal character or feel.

BOSS have also endeavoured to fix any system bugs as well as further improving functionality with support for BOSS TONE STUDIO for KATANA being added and the noise when switching effects has been reduced. 

24th October 2017


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