Fender Mustang GT v2 update

Fender Mustang GT v2 update

Fender have just released a V2.x update for the Mustang GT range of amps. Get new amp and cabinet models and some great new effects!

Fender have just released Version 2.0.21 (September 5, 2018) for the Mustang GT range of amps.

This latest update gives users access to new amp models, new cabinet models, a selection of new effects and some tweaked functionality.

Fender Mustang GT v2 update

Here the 10 new amp models:

  • IIC+ Clean: Inspired by the clean channel of the Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+MB. ?
  • IIC+ Lead: Quintessential mid-’80s metal tones inspired by the Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+MB lead channel. ?
  • BB15 Low: Based on the low gain structure setting of the Bassbreaker 15.
  • BB15 Med: Based on the medium gain structure setting of the Bassbreaker 15. ?
  • BB15 High: Based on the high gain structure setting of the Bassbreaker 15. ?
  • FBE-100: Inspired by both lead channels (BE and HBE) of the Friedman BE-100. ?
  • Acoustasonic: For use with piezo-equipped electric/acoustic guitars. Based on the preamp of Fender’s award-winning
  • Acoustasonic amps; flexible string-dynamics feature with selectable notch frequency. ?
  • Acoustic Sim: Six distinctive acoustic guitar simulations for transforming electric guitar with great-sounding acoustic tone.
  • Paired with Acoustasonic preamp for additional tone shaping. ?
  • Dual Showman: Based on the ’60s/’70s all-tube Fender classic used on big stages everywhere. ?
  • Tube Preamp: Direct-to-mixing-desk studio purity with increased tube console-like harmonic coloration. ?

Here are the 7 new effects:

  • Modulated Small Hall Reverb: Builds on Fender’s Small Hall Reverb by ?adding lush modulation to internal reverb structure. Added high- and ?low-frequency cut controls further expand creative possibilities. ?
  • Modulated Large Hall Reverb: Similar to Mod Small Hall Reverb above, ?with modulation added to internal structure of Fender Large Hall ? ?
  • Mythic Drive: Inspired by the ’90s-era Klon Centaur; a germanium-diode ?overdrive with smoothly subtle color and character from a complex gain structure that blends clean and distorted signals without significantly altering guitar tone. ?
  • Sustain: Inspired by the MXR M-163 Sustain, a rare 1980s compressor pedal with a particularly strong compression effect and a short attack time.
  • 2290 Delay: Inspired by the TC Electronic TC 2290 delay, a 1980s ?studio-standard digital delay still sought after today for its crisp repeats ?and versatile panning/modulation options. ?
  • Memory Delay: Inspired by the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, ?a late-’70s “bucket-brigade” delay pedal that imparts distinctive ?character to repeats and modulation. ?
  • Metal Gate: Inspired by the ISP Technologies Decimator II G String pedal. ?Especially ideal for high-gain metal, with a very fast attenuation curve. ?

Other tweaks and functionality in the update comes in the form of:

  • New Cabinet Simulations (10) ?
  • Backup and Restore of Presets and Setlists via TONE app ?
  • Advanced Tuner View ?
  • Bluetooth Icons for Tone and Streaming ?
  • Tap Tempo Subdivisions ?
  • Footswitch Effects Assignment ?
  • Quick-Save Favorite Presets to a Setlist ?
  • Setlists Shortcut ?
  • New FX Categories ?
  • Keyboard improvements ?
  • Menu Reorganization

Here's a video showing you how to update your firmware on your Mustang GT:

11th September 2018
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