Guitar Lessons with Tommy Gentry

Guitar Lessons with Tommy Gentry

Book online guitar lessons with Tommy Gentry!

We have teamed up with Tommy Gentry to offer you personal one-to-one online lessons with one of the UK's finest rock guitarists.

Tommy is currently the lead guitarist for hard rocking Scottish band GUN and the current guitar sideman for legendary bassist Marco Mendoza (The Dead Daisies, Thin Lizzy). 

Guitar Lessons with Tommy Gentry

Tommy can teach everything from technique, theory, sight reading, improvisation, ABRSM, and thanks to his extensive experience, the do's and don'ts of your first recording session or tour!

Tommy is endorsed by Yamaha Guitars, Blackstar and MLC Amplification.

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Guitar Lessons with Tommy Gentry


“Having shared the stage with Tom, he brings a great energy and passion to his live performances all whilst maintaining precision in his playing. Also having been a student of his, his knowledge and understanding of guitar and music in general is limitless.” - George Harris (The Raven Age)

Tom is clearly the biggest impact on my journey as a musician. He has given me the tools as a guitarist and a person navigating the music industry to do the best that I can, allowing me to achieve what I have. Before I had Tom as a teacher I was very casual with my approach to guitar and soon after was inspired and had a fire lit, which really fuelled the passion I have for guitar, leading me to have a career around it. This was through his impressive skill, delivery and content of what was being taught. He has always been there to help and go above and beyond at crucial times. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom as your teacher if you’re serious about guitar, don’t even think about it, just do it and you won’t regret it!” -Jordan Spowart (Kovic, Session Musician)


Student feedback from Tommy’s recent online masterclasses for Riverview High School (Canada):

“So far I have really enjoyed the masterclasses! Since I am a beginner, it’s nice to learn some helpful tips and tricks from a performer and someone who’s really talented at guitar." - Year 11 novice guitarist

“I am liking the masterclasses; doing the alternate picking exercises is really helpful. I like getting to play for him (Tommy) and then him telling me what I can do next to improve. I'm looking forward to later when he will show us more things like sweep picking and pinch harmonics.” - Year 11 intermediate guitarist

“I find these masterclasses very helpful, very well-prepared. I personally learned a bunch of new tricks to mprove learning. I also enjoy listening to him play and give pointers. I hope that it will continue on for other classes.” – Year 11 intermediate guitarist

“The masterclasses have been a great way to learn useful tips and exercises from someone who is veryexperienced in guitar. It is a good opportunity to share our progress with others and receive instant feedback and tips for improvement. I would like more lessons from our guest!” - Year 12 intermediate guitarist

25th May 2021


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