BOSS 500 Pedals

BOSS 500 Pedals

With two new arrivals in this exciting BOSS twin pedal range just arrived, we have deiced to take a look at the current BOSS 500 Series - the MD-500 Modulation, RV-500 Reverb and DD-500 Digital Delay.

Even with a lot of competition from the new boys and old rivals in recent times, the stomp box kings just proved that us gear heads are still well and truly under their reign. The introduction of the MD and RV twin pedals has sparked a new interest in the series originally fronted by the DD-500 Digital Delay. With this very pedal in mind the expectations for it's latest Modulation and Reverb companions were quite high! 

Straight out the box these new 500 Series Twin Pedals have that extra wow factor and touch of class but with the familiar, almost bombproof BOSS construction that has been a staple of the brand for many a decade. Metal housing, soft touch switching and a graphic LCD display come together to give players a reliable and intuitive pedal that on the surface gives a small insight into the incredible sonic power and versatility that they possess. 

But it's what's under the surface that really counts. Players can expect hugely impressive high quality 32-bit/96 kHz processing which allows for crisp, studio quality soundscapes and beyond. Take control of your sound further with the choice between true-bypass or buffered-bypass operation at any given time, depending on the needs of your pedalboard setup. 

Where the 500 pedals really shine is in terms of versatility and connectivity options. Each pedals features onboard patch memories, hands-on controls, a phrase looper, MIDI/ USB compatibility, dedicated editor software and can even be run on AA or PSA power options.  



With the help of BOSS’s advanced new Prime algorithms the MD-500 offers up 12 modes and 28 modulation types. The sounds available range from Chorus, vibrato, flanger, phaser and tremolo, to rotary, classic vibe, ring mod and even unique auto wah/ touch wah effects.  

A host of sought after classic BOSS and Roland FX sounds can be accurately recreated with incredible detail with the MD500. For those fans of classic units like the SL-20 Slicer, Overtone and 80's Dimension D can once again harness those wide, deep spacious tones with the added ability to program custom patterns! 


The RV500 is a one way ticket to reverberation heaven. This 'Swiss Army Verb' has up to 12 modes and will produce 21 alternative reverb types and sounds on demand. Adjust and tweak decay, density, modulation, EQ response and ducking levels down to the smallest nuance to create your ultimate reverb for your needs. 

BOSS and Roland classics such as the legendary RE-201 Space Echo and SRV-2000 Digital Reverbs again can be dialled in with ease, on top of even more experimental tones like room, hall, plate, shimmer, non-linear and SFX modes. 


Imagine having access to almost every BOSS delay stompbox ever made and then you can! The DD500 is a echo powerhouse and would make a valuable studio or live asset for pretty much any player out there. 

Love old school tones but hate the inconvenience of big analogue units or the unreliability of tape machines? Within 12 delay modes available the DD500 features analogue and tape settings that capture the warmth and musicality of these old school favourites with all new accuracy. 

A host of BOSS favourites along with powerful digital delay settings also follow including the unique Tera Echo, slow attack, filter, shimmer, sfx, reverse, pattern, dual, standard and even vintage digital delay stompbox modes.  For old school slapback to vast shoegaze soundscapes, the DD-500 is a stunning tool. 

08th August 2017


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