Choosing a Beginner Bass Guitar

Choosing a Beginner Bass Guitar

If you are looking to supply the low end, then you are going to need a bass guitar! From classic to modern designs there are many options, so here is a small guide and a few great choices to get you off on the right track.

The bass guitar is a 4 string instrument (although it does come in 5 String and 6 string options) that utilises thicker strings and a longer scale neck than a normal guitar to deliver the low bass frequencies. The vast majority of bass players play 4 string basses so we recommend starting here and at a later date maybe experiment with 5 and 6 string options (not a rule, just a guide!). So, what is the best beginner bass guitar? Well, there isn't just one option, you'll want to choose a model based on colour, style, size and sound - so let our roundup of great value entry level models help you make an informed decision.

Our first model to look at is the Squier Affinity P Bass PJ (also known as a Precision Bass). The P Bass was designed by the legend that is Mr Leo Fender and is the industry standard bass. Thanks to its design and split coil pickup it delivers a thick warm tone and fits perfectly across a wide variety of genres, not only in sound but in looks too. This PJ version is also fitted with an additional pickup fod added versatility.

Leo Fender's other hugely popular bass design is the Jazz Bass. The Squier Affinity Jazz Bass features a slightly thinner neck than a P Bass and thanks to it's 2 single coil pickups it has great tonal options. It's body features an offset waist and balances perfectly when on a strap making it very comfortable to play. One of our best selling basses in the Squier Vintage Modified 70s Jazz Bass, delivering cool retro looks, this bass is a great option for any bass player!

The Ibanez GSR180 is another superb value for money bass, again featuring 2 single coil pickups for great versatility and tonal options, it's contoured body makes it extremely comfortable to play. Whilst we are on the Ibanez brand we have to recommend the Ibanez SR300E Bass (available left handed option too). The SR300 has been a hugely popular seller for us, thanks to it's super fast slim neck and it's ultra versatile onboard active 3 band eq.

All of the above bass guitars will require a dedicated bass amplifier and a cable will be needed to connect the bass to the amp and a tuner in the form of the BOSS TU1 would be advisable.


03rd May 2012
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