What Do I Need To Start Busking?

What Do I Need To Start Busking?

Thinking about street performance soon? Here is a quick guide on what is the best gear to get and why.

So you have decided to hit the streets and unleash your musical talent upon the world? Amid all this excitement you will soon realise that simply picking up the closest acoustic and singing like you have been in your bedroom the past few years will only get you so far. The gear you use can seriously enhance just about everything in your street performance and it doesn't have to break the bank either! Here is a small guide of some hand picked products that will soon get those crowds flocking around you...


Roland Cube Street

First on the list is an amplifier specifically designed for the street performing musician on the move. The Roland Cube Street is a compact, lightweight and battery powered amp that is easy to live with when travelling. Once at your desired spot you will benefit from the slanted profile of the Cube which projects your sound more efficiently and its jack or XLR input capability allowing you to plug your vocals straight in.

Don't assume this micro sized amp lacks in tonal pedigree. The Street Cube really does punch above its weight thanks to its impressive sounding 6.5” neodymium speakers, never shying away from higher volumes to get you heard. The icing on the cake with this amplifier is its built in effects and amp modelling system which add that touch of class to any riff. 


Faith Naked Series FKV Venus - Electro Acoustic

When it comes to a pro sounding street performing acoustic guitar the Faith FKV ticks all the boxes. This instrument will be supremely comfortable to play for any amount of time thanks to it's beautiful rosewood fretboard and it's single cutaway body will make access to those higher frets easier if needed. With a solid spruce top combined with solid mahogany back and sides this FKV really offers a crisp, rounded, resonant overall sound that will really give a edge over cheaper laminated wood guitars.

Not only does the FKV Venus sound great acoustically but with the handy on board Shadow electronics it is only enhanced further! The built in system is a street performers dream thanks to its Shadow Performer Tuner Preamp, allowing you to tune up on the go, and a Shadow Nanoflex Pickup to nail the natural acoustic characteristics of your guitar through your amp. 


Peavey PVMSP1 Mic Package with Jack Cable

A microphone is a simple but integral part of any buskers set up and with this Peavey PVMSP1 pack they have done all the work for you, in this set you not only get a Peavey PV(R)i 100 dynamic cardioid microphone but a fully adjustable tripod-style boom stand, an XLR-to-1/4" cable, a mic stand clip, a protective nylon mic bag and a durable zippered gig bag. 

This simple set up will give a singer songwriter everything he or she needs to give a great performance and keep the journey to any busking residence hassle free. Remember to check the input of your vocal system to see if it fits the 1/4 jack featured in this pack or whether it needs the XLR input equivalent (Peavey PVMSP1 Mic Package with XLR Cable) that is also available. Both work great with the Roland Street Cube.


Pearl PBC507 - Primero Box Cajon

The last product that simply needed to feature when it comes to any kind of busking is Pearl's Primero Box Cajon. Cajons are yet to hit the mainstream buskers arsenal which is rather surprising as the they are really missing a trick! A Cajon is a fantastic sounding lightweight tool that is also tough, this is a great characteristic for any serial buskers out there! With the Pearl PBC507 you have a Cajon that will have no problem cutting through a mic'd up or amplified guitar set up and will certainly be a head turner. If your feeling even more adventurous maybe even try an Schlagwerk CAP100 Kick Pedal with your Cajon, this will give you an acoustic bass drum type sound to compliment your street rhythms. 

19th August 2016
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