Blackstar HT MkIII

Blackstar HT MkIII

The award-winning Blackstar HT range gets an update! Welcome to the Blackstar HT MkIII Series.

Blackstar's valve powered HT Series is a hugely popular range, delivering a selection of combos, heads and cabs that are as happy at home, as they are on stage or in the studio. With the 1-watt HT1 models, 5-watt HT5 models and 20-watt HT20 models, there is a combo or head to suit any players needs.

This latest MkIII update gets the following upgrades:

  • New premium styling – metal plate logo and momentary panel switches
  • CabRig is now available on all models to tailor your DI signal for recording and live use
  • USB-C 2 channel audio connection for direct recording

This new MkIIi range is the culmination of decades of design experience and innovation; delivering “the sound in your head” with absolutely no compromises in tone, feel or performance.

Live. Studio. Home. The Blackstar's HT MkIII amps are ready for any of your needs!


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25th April 2024
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