Blackstar ID Series Guitar Amps

Blackstar ID Series Guitar Amps

Blackstar ID series guitar amps are now in stock and there is an ID for every occasion. Read more about these ground breaking electric guitar amplifiers here.

We’re now very pleased to have the new Blackstar ID Series of Guitar Amplifiers and speaker cabinets in stock. This innovative range of guitar amps features patent-applied-for ‘True Valve Power’ technology. This groundbreaking feature offers six distinctly different power valve tones - EL84, 6V6, EL34, KT66, 6L6 and KT88. When engaging any one of these tones, the amp delivers the response, dynamics and characteristics of a valve amplifier, meaning that for the first time ever in an affordable line of amplifiers, there is no compromise when playing live. Blackstar ID Series - Loud as Valve.

A range of combos, heads and cabinets are available offering the ideal amplifier for any situation. Take a look at the full range below:

Blackstar ID15 15 watt guitar amplifier combo

Blackstar ID30 30 watt guitar amp combo

Blackstar ID60 60 watt 1x12" guitar combo

Blackstar ID260 2x60 watt 2x12" guitar amp

Blackstar ID60H 60 watt guitar amplifier head

Blackstar ID100H 100 watt ID guitar head

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24th January 2013


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