Fender 70th Anniversary Stratocasters

Fender 70th Anniversary Stratocasters

2024 sees Fender celebrate the 70th Anniversary of a legend, the Fender Stratocaster. 

To celebrate the seven decades of Stratocaster tone and iconic style, Fender have launched a selection of Limited Edition models.

Each 70th Anniversary Stratocaster model showcases the rich heritage and legendary tones that have made the Strat an unrivaled icon.

Fender 70th Anniversary Stratocasters

The 70th Anniversary range see models represented across the current Fender catalogue: Player, Vintera II, American Professional II, Amercian Ultra and American Vintage II. From vintage purists to progressive players seeking cutting-edge features, there's a model that will deliver.

Fender 70th Anniversary Stratocasters

Immerse yourself in the legacy of the Stratocaster and own a piece of Fender history with the 70th Anniversary Stratocaster Collection.

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06th March 2024
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