BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay

BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay

Delivering 12 versatile delay modes - taking you from vintage to lush modern landscapes - and a host of great features, the BOSS DD-500 is a delay lovers dream!

Delivering unparalleled delay power, the BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay pedal is the ultimate delay pedal!

With 12 versatile delay modes that'll take your from gritty, warm tones to full atmospheric lush landscapes, creative possibilities are limitless. There is also a host of tweakable parameters that make it easy to get your perfect sound with maximum precision.

'Foot' controlling the DD-500 is done by the A, B, and TAP/CTL switches - offering an intuitive way to get around the device - these controls can also be customised to work to your liking...and thanks to the large, vivid LCD display you can easily see a host of information whether on the stage, studio or home. As for tweaking your sound, the good selection of knobs and buttons allow for nice hands-on control.

The BOSS DD500 is a state of the art TWIN pedal delivering everything that any delay pedal lover could wish for...and more!


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08th July 2015


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