The new BOSS VE-8 has just arrived into stock. A great all-in-one solution for the singing acoustic player!

The BOSS VE-8 is a brand new vocal and acoustic guitar processor that puts real-time harmonies, looping and dedicated vocal/guitar FX all in one easy to use unit.

Getting great sounding vocals has never been easier as the VE-8 includes four types of ambience effects, plus enhance and chromatic pitch correction for live vocal tuning. Want some harmonies? problem, as the VE8 will either deliver harmonies based on a manual setting or generate them from the guitar input.

As for the guitar channel, here you are treated to an array of acoustic guitar processing, enabling you to get the best possible sound. The Acoustic Resonance will bring the natural sound of your acoustic back to life and eliminate that piezo 'quack'. In addition you have a tuner, effects including reverb, chorus, octave and mod delay, plus phase invert and notch filter for feedback control.

If you're a singer songwriter or perform live this BOSS VE-8 could be just the addition you need!


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28th June 2016


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