Choosing a Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Choosing a Beginner Acoustic Guitar

A great way to start your guitar playing journey is to learn on an acoustic guitar, but all the options can be confusing. Let us take you through some basics and give you some advice on suitable beginner acoustic guitars.

For many people entering the world of learning to play guitar there is an intial option, whether to go for an electric guitar (beginner electric guide here) or an acoustic guitar. There is no right or wrong answer but the pick up and play qualities of the acoustic guitar really lends itself to the beginner. Also, no amplifier or cable or any other accessory is required (although we do recommend a tuner - the Korg GA1 is a great option), so potentially your initial foray into the world of guitar playing can start from below £100. So what is the best beginner acoustic guitar for you?...well, we stock many models offering great quality and superb value for money so let our guide help you.

A great value way to begin to learn acoustic guitar is to invest in an acoustic guitar package. The Epiphone DR100 Package includes the best-selling DR100 guitar, an electric tuner, guitar strap and plectrum. For those that want an electro acoustic guitar then the Epiphone PR4E package is a great option that includes the acoustic guitar amplifier and other accessories.

Away from packs, first up we have the Epiphone DR100, a model that features the classic dreadnought shaped body. It delivers a good overall balanced tone and is available in various finishes. Stepping up a level and also another from the same brand, we have the Epiphone AJ220S - the advantage of going for this model is that the wood used for the top of the body is all solid, delivering an improved sound and has a tone that will improve with age.


Epiphone DR100 Demo Video:

Another model coming in under the magic £100 price point is the Brunswick BF200, which is also available in 3 colour options. The BF200 delivers a sweet, full tone and features a body coated in a matt satin finish which ensures smooth hand movement and ease of playing.

Stepping away from a pure acoustic guitar you then have the option of getting an electro acoustic guitar - these models give you a normal acoustic guitar but with added electronics allowing you amplify the guitar via way of a dedicated acoustic amp. The Epiphone AJ100CE gives you all the great qualities of it's non electro brother the AJ100 but with an undersaddle pickup (allowing you to amplify

the guitar) and with the cutaway body it gives you access to the upper frets. Step up in price and you have the superbly spec'd Epiphone AJ220SCE, a solid topped electro acoustic with a cutaway body and shadow electronics. 

There are obviously a host of other electro acoustic models available but just one we have to mention is the top selling Yamaha APX500II - it is the worlds most sold electro acoustic. It's ongoing popularity is all thanks to its small, comfortable body shape, great electronics and superb tone whether amplified or played acoustically.

This is just a guide to get off on the right foot and help you make an informed choice. We stock a huge range of acoustic guitars at giggear so feel free to peruse the Acoustic and Electro Acoustic models that we have available.


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