Epiphone FT-350SCE

Epiphone FT-350SCE

Welcome to the world's first self tuning acoustic guitar! Loaded with the Min-ETune system the Epiphone FT-350SCE literally tunes itself!

The new for 2014 Epiphone FT-350SCE, is the world's first self-tuning acoustic guitar! Loaded with the Min-ETune system and a great spec the FT-350SCE is a great value instrument. Available in 4 colours:


Epiphone FT-350SCE Antique Natural

Epiphone FT-350SCE Ebony

Epiphone FT-350SCE Wine Red

Epiphone FT-350SCE Violin Burst


The Min-ETune system has been rolled out quite heavily this year from Gibson, so it's great to see the self tuning technology being put into such an affordable guitar. With its 16 built in tunings, all delivered by a touch of a button (or two!) you'll be utterly inspired to get creative and right some new tracks.

The Epiphone FT-350SCE is not a one trick pony though. At its heart is a great spec'd electro acoustic with it solid Spruce top, cutaway body and Shadow electronics.

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29th January 2014


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