Faith Naked Venus Acoustic Guitar

Faith Naked Venus Acoustic Guitar

The award wining Faith Naked Venus FKV - still king of the under 400 cutaway acoustics!

For a little over a year now the Faith FKV Naked series Venus guitar has been our best selling sub 400 cutaway acoustic guitar. But why has this unassuming auditorum shaped guitar proved to be so popular?


The Faith FKV was designed from the ground up by Patrick James Eggle to sound and play great. The guitar features the Patrick Eggle bolt on neck joint for truer sustain plus the cross braceing patter with quarter sawn braces give rigidity where needed whilst leaving sustain unhindered.

The neck is comfortable and fast with a simple "F" inlay to mark the 12th fret.


High quality materials have been used throughout from the solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sided to the Indian Rosewood fretboard. The instrument is simply finished with a two stage satin finish to the body and the un-bound body shows off the impecable finishing.


The Faith Naked Series Venus sound rich and full bodied unplugged but should you wish to perform or record then just plug into the onboard Shadow Performer series pre amp with built in tuner. The Nanoflex pickup does a great job of transfering the stunning sound of the FKV to your amp or mixing desk.


Lets face it, we all like a bargain and this guitar is just that. The construction is all solid, yes..... ALL solid. Mix this with a guiar designed from scratch by a renowned luthier and high quality electronics and you have yourself a guitar with the specification and sound of instruments costing two or three times the amount!

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20th October 2014


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