Fender Premium Showcase Dealers

Fender Premium Showcase Dealers

Loads more Fender guitars, amps and basses now at GigGear!

We are pleased to announce that GigGear are part of the select group of Fender Premium Showcase Dealers.

What does this mean?...basically, we'll be holding a lot more Fender goodies with a bigger choice of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars and amps!

So whether you are after your first Standard Strat, upgrading to an American Series model, getting yourself a classic Fender bass or just fancy being alternative with a Jazzmaster, we'll have something for you

Have a browse....

Fender Stratocasters

Fender Telecasters

All Fender Guitars

Fender Basses 

Fender Amps



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24th July 2015


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