Fender Tone Master Pro

Fender Tone Master Pro

Fender Tone Master Pro - unleash a universe of sound!

The Tone Master Pro is a brand new, premium guitar pedal from Fender. Designed to be the centrepiece for pro and semi-pro players, both for live and studio work, it delivers certified Fender tonal versatility and perfect replications of some of the world's most revered amps and effects.

Fender Tone Master Pro

Utilizing the advanced technology that has made the Fender Tone Master amps so great, the Tone Master Pro delivers supreme sound quality. Packed with over 100 amps and effects, including all of the recent Tone Master amps, the first officially licensed EVH 5150 III Stealth model, and an array of classic amps and effects, there is plenty to get your teeth into!

Fender Tone Master Pro

The Tone Master Pro is lightweight yet rugged, with a stage-friendly form, making it ideal for the performing guitarists. With its full colour touchscreen, eye-catching graphics and inuitive user interface, you easily be able to dial in your perfect tone, whilst giving access to vast amounts of experimentation.

You can easily create presets, customize what's assigned to each footswitch (there are 10 custom designed footswitch encoders) and then combine it all into a Song - great for live work and setlists. 

Fender Tone Master Pro

Other features include a 60 second stereo looper, Bluetooth wireless connection for streaming audio, 500 onboard presets, with access to more via the app, and 3rd part IR support. The rear of the unit features a plethora of pro-level connectvity, with instrument and mic/line inputs, 4 stereo effects loops, MIDI, USB C, AUX in, XLR and Jack outs and more!

Fender Tone Master Pro

For added control you can connect to the Tone Master Pro Control app via USB for creating, editing and sharing your own presets or for auditioning and downloading thousands of tones created by Fender's community of players and artists - great for finding new sounds and tones!

Two new 1000w FRFR (Full Range, Flat Response) speakers have also been launched by Fender: the FR-12 and FR-10, to compliment the Tone Master Pro.

The Fender Tone Master Pro is a superb addition to the Fender range, giving players access to a premium guitar processor that'll appeal to players across all genres, playing styles and performance requirements.

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03rd October 2023
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