Fender Vintera II

Fender Vintera II

The Fender Vintera II series is a refresh of Fender's vintage reissue players access to some 'golden era' Fender!

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The Vintera II series hosts an exciting range of classic era guitars and basses, complete with period correct features and a wide variety of custom colours, all at an affordable price point.

Fender Vintera II

Strat fans are going to be pleased with the classic decade models available; 50s, 60s and 70s, all with a handsome selection of finish options! Tele fans get treated to a 50s Nocaster, a 60s Tele, a 60s Tele Thinline, and a slighlty more quirky 70s Tele Deluxe with a Trem!

Fender Vintera II

For those that want something a little more alternative, fear not. The Vintera II range hosts a 50s Jazzmaster, 70s Jag (with standout block inlays), and a 70s Mustang with classic competition stripes.

Fender Vintera II

Bassists are certainly in for a treat too, with plenty of eye-catching options. You have classics, such as the 50s and 60s P Bass, and a 60s Jazz Bass, alongisde more obsure models; a 70s Telecaster Bass, 70s Mustang Bass (again with competition stripes) and a 60s Bass VI.

Fender Vintera II

The Vintera II series also sees a return to rosewood fingerboard options - taking over from the previous generations use of Pau Ferro.

With its range of great options, classic appointments, and wallet friendly price points, the Vintera II Series is great way to get a standout, vintage style Fender without breaking the bank!

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