Gear of the Week 'Award Winners' - 20th June 2016

Gear of the Week 'Award Winners' - 20th June 2016

This week's selection of products is based on a theme - award winning gear!

So, for week 2 of our 'Gear of the Week' posts we thought we'd theme it...and this week, it's all about award winning products! 

Here's our picks:

Roland JD-Xi - ‘5/5’ Musicradar and 'Key Buy' in Keyboard Magazine

Cort Matt Bellamy MBC1 - Total Guitar ‘Best Buy 'and MIA award for 'Best Electric Guitar of the Year’

Faith FKV Naked Venus - MIA award for ‘Best Acoustic’

EHX Soul Food Overdrive - Premier Guitar ‘Gold Award'

All items are in stock at the time of writing.

Roland JD-Xi Hybrid Synth
The JD-Xi was rated 5/5 by musicradar and won Key Buy in Keyboard magazine's award for outstanding musical instruments and music technology products. The fact that the JD-Xi by Roland was granted this status in its recent review means that the experts at Keyboard believe it represents a product that is one of the 'best in class'....and offers you great bang for your buck. Thinking about adding an extra quality to your band's sound? This JDXI keyboard is a superb option that you can try in store today!


Cort Matt Bellamy (Muse) MBC-1 
With the MBC1 Cort have managed to create a superb rock guitar with a full tone and rock solid feel, without the boutique price tag.

Not only has the Matt Bellamy Signature been one of our best selling guitars at GigGear in the last 12 months but it has also picked up multiple awards including the MIA “Best Electric Guitar” award, Total Guitar “Best Buy” and Guitarist magazine’s “Guitarist Choice”! If you like the sound of the MBC1 we now have it available in a stunning red sparkle finish along with the original matt black.


EHX Soul Food Overdrive 
Like most of the lucky few who have heard a vintage Klon Centaur in the flesh, the guys down at the Electro-Harmonix HQ loved its rich transparent tones that were reminiscent of a cooking tube amp but hated the extortionate price tag.

With the Klon firmly in mind EHX then came up with the Soul food, a super responsive transparent drive that a guitarist on any budget can afford, all in a compact EHX nano shell. Since it’s release the Soul Food has been inundated with rave reviews including a prestigious 5/5 Premier Guitar gold award.


Faith FKV Naked Venus 
Upon its release in 2013 the Faith FKV Naked Venus model was responsible for British guitar manufacturer Faith’s 2nd MIA award for “Best acoustic guitar of the year” and here at GigGear we certainly aren’t surprised. The all solid wood construction, warm resonant tone, beautifully simple design and attractive price point give the FKV the feel you would expect from a guitar with twice its price tag.


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20th June 2016


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