Gibson Dusk Tiger

Gibson Dusk Tiger

Enter the Dusk Tiger, simply the most astounding innovation in the history of the guitar!


You have a rare wealth of creative potential lurking deep within, but until now no guitar has had the power to fully tap into it. Enter the Dusk Tiger, simply the most astounding innovation in the history of the guitar. In the wake of Gibson’s groundbreaking Dark Fire, the new Dusk Tiger offers an unprecedented wealth of features to expand your sonic horizons exponentially, yet it brings them to you with greatly increased levels of performance and ease of use, and all at a more affordable price.

Not only does Dusk Tiger offer an awe-inspiring versatility of tone and playability, it also captures a stunning new look that is arguably more refined than anything Gibson has ever produced. It retains the general Les Paul-inspired body lines, but presents them in a guitar with a flat top made from an exotic hardwood beaming with golden, amber, and dark chocolate hues. This top is coupled with a tone-chambered back, and a unique new pickguard and control layout. Under the hood, the Dusk Tiger reveals countless new features that give it even more power, along with considerable upgrades and improvements of existing electronics and control systems, and an unlimited number of sound possibilities. New to the Dusk Tiger are:

  • Programmable active four-band parametric EQ systems for both the magnetic and the piezo pickups, which allow infinite fine tuning of your tone
  • Switchable LP-Z High Definition Impedance circuit (low impedance capabilities) built into improved Neutrick jack with both ¼” and XLR outputs
  • And much, much more…

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16th November 2009


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