Marshall DSL Series

Marshall DSL Series

Just announced, the new Marshall DSL Series based on the best selling JCM2000 DSL100. The range includes 2 heads - the 15w DSL15H and 100w DSL100H and 2 combos - the 15w DSL15C and the 40w DSL40C.

Marshall Amplification have just released the new DSL Series of amplifiers. Based on the highly regarded and critically acclaimed JCM2000 DSL100 from the late ‘90s, the new line-up features two heads and two combos at a price that will surprise many.
The range consists of two heads – 15W and 100W, and two combos – 15W and 40W. 

The Marshall DSL15C is an all valve 15W combo. Featuring two channels, a studio quality digital reverb and a 12” Celestion speaker, it is an ideal companion for the guitarist looking for a great sounding, yet portable combo. It will run at either 15w or 7.5W thanks to its pentode/ triode switch, making it ideal for recording and studio use.

The Marshall DSL15H includes most of the features of the DSL15C, but in a compact amp head format. Paired with any Marshall speaker cabinet, this little head delivers a big sound.

The Marshall DSL40C is a real workhorse amplifier. Featuring a robust 1x12 cabinet housing a Celestion Seventy 80 speaker, it is the ideal choice for the gigging guitarist seeking a combo that won’t break the bank, or the back! Expanding on the features of its 15W siblings, the DSL40C features two separate modes within its two channels, reverb controls within each channel and a two button footswitch.

The Marshall DSL100H is the heavyweight of the series. Featuring 100W of pure Marshall tone, this amp is made to play loud! Coupled with a Marshall 1960A cabinet, it is the ideal choice for larger gigs. Its pentode/ triode mode, however, makes it useable at lower volumes giving it the ability to run at 50W as well as at full power.


Marshall DSL15C 15w Valve Combo

Marshall DSL40C 40w Valve Combo

Marshall DSL15H 15w Valve Head

Marshall DSL100H 100w Valve Head



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04th September 2012


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