New BOSS Guitar Stomp Boxes

New BOSS Guitar Stomp Boxes

New BOSS range of guitar pedals débuts new Multi Dimensional Processing capabilities.


Next Generation Boss Pedals

Featuring innovative new technology.

The pedals – the TE-2 Tera Echo, MO-2 Multi Overtone and DA-2 Adaptive Distortion all feature Roland’s new Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) and are due for launch at the Winter NAMM 2013.

BOSS TE-2 Tera Echo

The TE-2, the 100th stompbox to be released by Boss, features a dynamic stereo ambience effect that goes way beyond traditional reverb and delay pedals. Ultra-responsive to the dynamics and playing style of the guitarist, it is capable of producing a huge array of rich sounds that enhance the original tone without ever overwhelming it.
A clever ‘freeze’ feature allow you to build vast soundscapes, perfect as a background to lead playing.

BOSS MO-2 Multi Overtone

Perfectly suited to clean, driven and bass guitar tones, the MO-2 is a stompbox like no other.
Using Roland’s new Multi-Dimensional Processing, it builds on the guitar’s rich harmonic range and adds a range of new voices that enhance the original tone.
Delivering sounds that vary from ambient, shimmering resonance, flute-like tones and even synth and organ-like textures, the MO-2 is incredibly responsive and adapts to your playing style and the dynamics of the guitar or bass.

BOSS DA-2 Adaptive Drive

The Boss DA-2 is an incredibly versatile and dynamic distortion pedal for the electric guitarist.
Using Roland’s new Multi-Dimensional Processing technology, it allows precisely the ideal tone wherever you are on the neck. Delivering a rich, musical distortion, the DA-2 adapts to your playing style to produce high quality, well defined tones with incredible clarity.


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21st January 2013


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