New Sabian Cymbal Packs with FREE Cymbal

New Sabian Cymbal Packs with FREE Cymbal

We have just received some great value Sabian Cymbal special promotional packs. Both pack come with a FREE 18" crash cymbal.

A great value way to replace or upgrade your cymbals is to buy a cymbal set and with these new Sabian Cymbal special promotional packs you'll get even get a FREE 18" cymbal too.

The Sabian XS20 Promotional Cymbal Box Set utilizes B20 metal and delivers classic cymbal tones. The set includes 14" Medium Hi-Hats, a 16" Medium Thin Crash, a 20" Medium Ride and a FREE 18" Medium Thin Crash. 

If you want cymbals with a bright, explosive attack and great penetrating definition then the Sabian Promo AAX X-Plosion Promotional Box Set could be the perfect option. The set includes 14" X-Celerator Hi-Hats, 16" X-Plosion Crash, 20" Stage Ride and a FREE 18" X-Plosion Crash Cymbal.

Treat your drums to some fresh cymbals and save money with this limited edition packs!


Sabian XS20 Promotional Cymbal Box Set with FREE 18" Medium Thin Crash


Sabian AAX X-Plosion Promotional Cymbal Box Set with FREE 18" 18" X-Plosion Crash Cymbal





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13th December 2012


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