New Squier Affinity Colours

New Squier Affinity Colours

Love the Squier Affinity Models? Good news! The new colours have just landed, featuring Race Red, Race Green, Slick Silver and Competition Orange.

Fender have just recently announced they will release four exciting new finish colours for their already much loved Squier Affinity Range! These colours give a less traditional and an overall more modern look to the pre-existing five models that make up the highly successful series.

All specs remain identical to the orginal Affinity formula but now you can choose from the more stand out Race Red, Race Green, Competition Orange and Slick Silver, with select older colour options making way and being discontinued. 


Telecaster fans can expect to see their favourite hit the streets and world wide web in all the new colours mentioned above, so thats Race Red, Race Green, Slick Silver and Competition Orange. A classic 50's vintage inspired design with a bold new twist and that legendary Tele tone, all in a package that offers affordability and bang for your buck! 

For those of you who favour a Stratocaster, and there is a lot of you, christmas has come early. The Affinity series Strat model will boast the same specs options with two versions avalible, the Squier Affinity Stratocaster HSS and the Squier Affinity Stratocaster. The HSS version with the bridge humbucker will now come with the option of the Slick Silver and Race Green. The standard traditional single coil loaded Strat that has proven to be one of the most popular models will add the Race Red, Competition Orange and Slick Silver to it's finish options. 

Bassists haven't been forgotton by Fender about either. For all of you who yeld a Jazz Bass you will be glad to hear that Squier have selected the brighter, stand out Race Red and more understated, Slick Silver colour options to be made. Again no spec changes have been made so the magic recipe that you know and love the Squier Jazz Bass for is certainly not lost.

The humble P bass AKA the Precision bass will also recive a colour revamp in the finish option department, with the Race Red being paired with its rosewood fretboard and additional Jazz bass pickup layout. This superb value for money rumble machine just got cooler!

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24th August 2016


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