New TC Helicon Harmony Pedal

New TC Helicon Harmony Pedal

TC Helicon have just announced the Harmony Singer, a compact vocal pedal designed for the singing guitarist, featuring vocal harmony, adaptive tone and 3 types of reverb.

Posted on April 10th 2013 by Rob Evans

Play guitar? Do a bit of singing too? Chances are you do...or so statistics show. If so, the TC Helicon Harmony Singer Vocal Pedal could be for you.

The Harmony Singer is a compact unit designed to deliver some essential vocal processes to ensure you vocal tone is as good as you beloved guitar tone (be it electric or acoustic).

The unit features a harmony function that analyzes the guitar chords you are playing (via the guitar input) and automatically produces a choice of 8 arrangements of Harmony voices: above and below, close and far.

Next up is the essential for any vocalist, Reverb. The Harmony Singer features 3 pro Reverb algorithms; Room, Club and Hall, designed to flatter you vocal tones.

Another cool features is the Adaptive Tone. Thanks to some clever internal processing you'll have smooth dynamics, reduced 'sss' sounds, no muddy lows and a silky brightness ensuring that whatever PA system you plug in to you'll always sound your best.


TC Helicon Harmony Singer


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10th April 2013


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