NEW Yamaha THR10X, THR10C & THR5A

NEW Yamaha THR10X, THR10C & THR5A

Yamaha have added 3 new amps to their popular THR range, the metal inspired Yamaha THR10X, boutique amp inspired Yamaha THR10C and a dedicated acoustic amp - the Yamaha THR5A.

The next step in the range of Yamaha THR amps - welcome to the Yamaha THR10X, Yamaha THR10C and Yamaha THR5A.

Yamaha's THR10 and THR5 amps have been a huge success, their quirky design and cool styling have been a breath of fresh air in the over populated guitar amp world. Now, with the Yamaha THR10X, Yamaha THR10C and Yamaha THR5A they have taken their unique design principals and put it into 3 cool, new variants with specific qualities!

With the Yamaha THR5A being a dedicated acoustic amplifier, you'll be treated to a host of high quality acoustic tones, perfect for use with your electro acoustic guitar. With the combination of mic emulations in conjunction with high grade studio effects you'll have no problem finding your perfect acoustic sound.

For you rockers out there we have the Yamaha THR10X. Utilizing 5 different channels from 3 amps you'll be in rock heaven - go from classic rock sounds to all out extreme metal tones...add some of the on board effects and you're away!

Finally we have the Yamaha THR10C. Giving a healthy nod to the classic boutique amp tones we know and love, it delivers some real, classic bluesy tones. The THR10C's amp emulations deliver great boutique feel, ensuring every touch you make responds with superb dynamics and tone.


Yamaha THR5A Acoustic Guitar Amp

Yamaha THR10X Extreme Guitar Amp

Yamaha THR10C Boutique / Blues Guitar Amp


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08th October 2012


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