Promark ActiveGrip Drumsticks

Promark ActiveGrip Drumsticks

The Promark ActiveGrip drum sticks feature a heat activate grip coating - get more grip the more you sweat!

Promark ActiveGrip drumsticks - the world's first heat activated drumstick!

There can't be many (if any) drummers that haven't let slip a drumstick or two fly mid-set due to sweaty hands. Maybe to counter this you have tried drumsticks with a special grip design and not liked the way it feels or the way it inhibits your technique...well, it seems Promark have cracked it, welcome drummers, to the Promark ActiveGrips.

All ActiveGrip drumsticks come with a thin layer of Promark's patented coating that gets tackier as your hands getting sweatier. In addition, this special coating adds no noticeable weight, maintains a regular stick feel and won't you leave you hands torn up!

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21st June 2017
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