Roland Rubix USB Audio Interfaces

Roland Rubix USB Audio Interfaces

Roland have launched a new line of USB Audio Interfaces - welcome the Rubix22, Rubix24 and Rubix44. Great spec, high-fidelity interfaces at affordable prices.

New from Roland for 2017 are the Rubix range of USB Audio Interfaces. Superbly priced with specs that far exceed their affordable price points, a Rubix could be the hub of your recording setup!

There are currently 3 models in the range, the Roland Rubix22 - a 2 channel 2in/2out option, the Rubix24 - again a 2 channel interface but with 2in/4out connectivity, and finally the Rubix44 - a 4 channel 4in/4out version.

All models feature high quality, low noise mic preamps with XLR combo jacks and MIDI connectivity and come complete with Ableton Live Lite recording software. In addition, the Rubix24 and Rubix44 models features a built in hardware compressor/limiter and very handy essential when tracking highly dynamic sources like vocals.

Thanks to their class compliant drivers all interfaces will work with both MAC and PC computers and support use with iPads.

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18th January 2017
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