Roland TD11KVSE Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD11KVSE Electronic Drum Kit

The Special Edition Roland TD11KVSE takes the best-selling TD-11KV and adds a selection of upgrades, making for a more versatile kit with improved playability.

Roland have launched the TD11KVSE, a super-charged version of the top-selling TD11KV.

The TD-11KV has certainly proved to be a popular choice within Roland's V-Drums range, delivering a great level of quality at a price that is affordable. The Roland TD-11KVSE takes the heart of the TD-11KV and treats it to a few upgrades, making for a kit that fits nicely between the TD-11KV and the TD-25K.

First up is a new, slightly larger rack, that easily accommodates one of the other upgraded features - an additional CY-12C crash cymbal. In addition, the TD-11KVSE also has an upgraded hi-hat in the form of the VH-11. The VH-11 plays like a regular two-piece hi-hat but is actually comprised of one floating cymbal pad atop a fixed lower base. It fixes to a conventional hi-hat stand.

The TD-11KVSE is a superbly spec'd electronic drumkit, delivering Roland's legendary build quality, pro sound and great feel.


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03rd March 2016


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