Samson Wireless 3 in 1

Samson Wireless 3 in 1

In stock - the Samson ST5 3 in 1 lavalier, headset, guitar wireless system. Only 89!

With the Stage 5T System, Samson has provided a wireless solution for every application in one convenient package. This system combines a great sounding headset microphone that is ideal for fitness instructors, presenters and DJs. It also includes an instrument cable for guitar and bass, as well as a lavalier mic for interviews and presentations.

The Stage 5T System provides incredible reception and crystal clear sound along with everything needed to go wireless. The half-rack VHF receiver offers variable squelch, six-segment LED RF level, audio level metering, front mounted antenna as well as XLR and 1/4-inch outputs. The included beltpack features an 1/8-inch mini-jack input for use with the accompanying headset, guitar cable or lavalier. The transmitter will also provide seamless operation for 10 hours with just one 9-volt battery and includes a battery level meter.

Thanks to the affordability of the versatile Stage 5T, the freedom of wireless becomes available to anyone who needs it for nearly any application. From the guitarist looking for enhanced mobility on stage to the fitness instructor or presenter looking to keep their hands free, Stage 5T brings professional performance to any number of wireless situations.


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04th November 2009


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