The Alesis iO Dock for iPad

The Alesis iO Dock for iPad

Do you want to do some recording on your iPad or iPad 2? Then you need one of these - the Alesis iO Dock. It's the all in one recording interface designed for iPads.

The Alesis iO Dock - It's the only solution for an all in one recording interface for the iPad.

Whether you're a beginner to the world of recording or a pro and want to sketch down some ideas the iPad / iPad 2 is the perfect portable device, but you'll need an interface, that's where the Alesis iO Dock comes in. It currently is the only product that allows anyone with an iPad to record, create and produce music using any pro gear and instruments. The iO Dock is a docking station so the iPad just slips neatly into the unit and you're ready to go. With it's abundance of inputs you can easily get making music using virtually any app form the Apple App Store.

These units are in hot demand so make sure you preorder now to guarantee one from our next shipment.


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02nd August 2011


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