Timber Tone Plectrums

Timber Tone Plectrums

Timber Tones Plectrums are the very latest in luxury plectrums designed to be played on all types of guitar.

Timber Tone Plectrums

Ever tried a wood plectrum? Some people never go back to plastic ones after trying a them...It opens up a whole new avenue for modifying your sound giving you the ability to affect the tone of your guitar just via choice of pick. Without changing anything else in your setup you can produce a different sound by simply swapping from a hard to a softer wood pick.

These beautiful picks are made from exotic timbers from around the world and cover a range of different hardnesses. Each different wood gives a subtle difference in tone, thus allowing you to fine tune your sound.

Timber Tones are machined to precise tolerances ensuring that the only difference will be the wood that you choose. After passing a rigerous quality inspection, they are treated with a wax to seal the wood and give them grip. They are then treated to a generous coating of Tung oil, which brings out their beauty.

You've treated yourself to high end guitar equipment now treat yourself to one of the best plectrums money can buy...


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01st October 2010


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