Travel Acoustic Guitars

Travel Acoustic Guitars

The demand for portable, travel acoustic guitars is huge and now with Sigma Guitars announcing their great value packages to the market there is a host of great options to be had at the moment from them, Taylor and Martin.

Small guitars, portable guitars, travel guitars, little guitars....whatever you want to call them 'scaled down' acoustic guitars are hugely popular at the moment.

Why is this?...well, certainly at the moment, it's partly down to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Gorillaz utilizing them in their live shows (or in the case of Ed, wherever he goes, looking at the 'road worn' state of his!) and also due to the fact that the current crop of travel guitars deliver superb tone, big sound (anyone heard a Taylor GS Mini!) and great build qualities. Small acoustics are now a serious alternative to the full sized option and not seen as a toy!

Many top brands are making travel guitars that can be seen and used everywhere, be it at festivals, studios, around the campfire, in the garden, in the living room and even on stages.

Martins range of travel guitars are known as Little Martins and include the standard LX1 Little Martin and the electro version, the Martin LX1E - as used by Mr Sheeran himself, in conjunction with a BOSS looper pedal (for more info read our guide on loop pedals).

Taylor's range of small acoustics started with the Taylor Baby. The Baby is a 3/4 size, scaled down, dreadnought shaped acoustic and is available in 3 forms; the Tayor Baby BT1 Spuce top version, the Taylor Baby BT2 Mahogany version and the signature Taylor Swift model. Just to mention, there is also the Tayor Big Baby, a 15/16 scale model, not quite a travel guitar but hey, it's still not full size. Then we have the Taylor GS Mini models - these travel guitars have really changed peoples perceptions of just how big (and good) a small guitar can sound, they really are a full size guitar in a small guitars body - in feel, tone and projection. The GS Mini comes in 2 models, in the form of the standard Spruce top model and the Mahogany top version with lefties available in both and the optional ES-Go clip-in mic too.

Sigma Guitars have released two ranges, one utilizing a solid Spruce top and one with a solid Mahogany top, with both available in standard and electro models. The Sigma TM12 and its electro equivalent the Sigma TM12e both host solid Spruce tops whilst the sister models, in the form of the Sigma TM15 and electro Sigma TM15e both have a solid Mahogany top. All 4 models really deliver great value for money and with the addition of the included padded gig bag making it a great package.

Range of Travel Acoustic Guitars:



Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Mahogany

Taylor Baby Taylor Swift

Taylor Big Baby

Taylor GS Mini

Taylor GS Mini - Left Handed

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany - Left Handed


Martin LX1 Little Martin

Martin LX1E Electro Little Martin


Sigma TM12

Sigma TM12e Electro

Sigma TM15 Mahogany

Sigma TM15e Mahogany Electro


By Rob Evans

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13th August 2012


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