Yamaha APX500II

Yamaha APX500II

Here are some of the sometimes forgotten benefits of owning one of the most popular electro acoustic guitar ever... The Yamaha APX500II.

Six very simple things that make owning the Yamaha APX500II Electro Acoustic a dream.

1. Advanced Yamaha own design undersaddle pickup

Yamaha have increased the dynamic range of their Piezo pickup, it is a new highly developed pickup and is by no means just an "off the shelf" design.

2. Roomy control panel

Easy for your fingers to find the controls you need fast, when it matters.

3. Adjustable mid frequency

Feedback issues are normally found in the Mids and therefore Yamaha have given the player extra control over them with a handy AMF slider.

4. Slim body and cutaway design

The slim body of the APX500II reduces the risk of feedback, feels comfortable to play standing up and keep in mind these guitars were originally designed for live performance.

5. Slightly shorter scale length

The APX500II plays like a dream! Thats because by having a reduced scale length the tension in the strings is slightly reduced, helping the player bend notes and move around the fretboard quickly!

6. Two AA batteries instead of one 9 Voly battery

research and development shows that 2 x AA's deliver a more stable power source at the right level for longer.


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06th February 2013


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