Yamaha THR10 and THR5

Yamaha THR10 and THR5

Have Yamaha reinvented the guitar practice amp?....the Yamaha THR10 and Yamaha THR5 may well have done that!

These amps will revolutionise how the guitar practice amp is visualised...

The Yamaha THR5 and Yamaha THR10 amps have been designed to fit anywhere a guitarist wants to play - So whether you're in the living room, bedroom or need a pratice amp before you go on stage these new Yamaha Amps just maybe the perfect solution.

But these amps are not just any old regular portable amplifier, under the hood, Yamaha's Virtual Circuit Modelling (VCM) technology delivers incredibly realistic classic tube amp tone alongside the VCM effects processor. A specially designed speaker enclosure enables unpresidented Stereo Technology delivering great sound for guitar and tracks, Not only do you get great amp emulations but the VCM effects processor delivers effects that have unsurpassed realism and quality....they even have USB connectivity.


We have stock arriving from the first UK shipment in November so pre-order now to save dissapoinment.

Yamaha THR10 Guitar Amplifier

Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amplifier



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04th October 2011


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