Blackstar Studio 10 Amps

Blackstar Studio 10 Amps

The Blackstar Studio 10 range of amps have been influenced by some of history's most iconic amps.

Taking inspiration from legendary amplifiers, the three all-valve Blackstar Studio 10 amps have each been designed to deliver something tonally unique, thanks to their choice of valve in the power stage. 

The three models within the range are the Studio 10 EL34, Studio 10 6L6 and the Studio 10 KT88. All versions feature a single-ended, all-valve design, with a simple control set, boutique look and selection of handy appointments. Get the feel, tone and natural compression that only an all-valve amp can deliver!

The Studio 10 EL34 has that "British" sound in mind, great for classic rock and blues, whilst the Studio 10 6L6 takes the "American" tonal standpoint, delivering bright cleans with the addition of handy built-in overdrive circuit for searing leads. Finally, we have the Studio 10 KT88, utilizing the monumental KT88 valve, this amp is for the contemporary player demanding modern cleans and tight high-gain drive tones.

Each amp features its own unique finish, an ECC83 valve in the preamp and loaded with a 1x12" Celestion speaker. A handy Emulated Output also features - taken after the power stage, the Emulated Output captures the true sonic experience, making it easy to get a great sound to a PA or for recording purposes.

From "British" to "American" to modern high-gain tones, the Blackstar Studio 10 range has something for every just need to choose which Studio 10 are you?

16th January 2019
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