Fender Custom Shop at GigGear

Fender Custom Shop at GigGear

BIG NEWS! We are proud to announce that we are now an official Fender Custom Shop dealer.

As far as news goes this is pretty big. As many of both our in store and online customers know, we are extremely passionate about Fender instruments here at GigGear and to be able to provide our fellow guitar lovers with Fender Custom Shop models represents a new chapter for us and takes our already impressive Fender range to that next, elite level.

Fender Custom Shop at GigGear

For those of you who don't know about the Fender Custom Shop, it is Fender's elite range of instruments made by their finest artisan craftsman in Corona, California. From vintage accurate masterpieces to special one-off designs the Fender Custom Shop has been making guitarists dreams a reality for over 30 years. 

For those Fender fanatics who demand the best of the best, the Fender's Custom Shop is only choice. In the modern guitar market where hordes of massed produced guitars are rolled down a production line by machines, that personal touch of a master craftsman is often forgotton. With Custom Shop guitars the sky is the limit when you can choose from a range of vintage time machine models or even custom design your own unique masterpiece for your exact needs or desires.  

Fender Custom Shop at GigGear

So if you have been dreaming of obtaining the guitar of your dreams, make sure you take a look at our breath taking models either in store and online. The selection of 'Time machine' and 'Closet classic' models offer a window into the past with alternative looks and finish treatments.

Within these catagories are N.O.S models that looks like they would have hanging in the shop back in 54', Closet Classics that are as if they have been under a bed for decades, Journeyman guitars that have that used but not abused look and Relic/Heavy Relic options that have aged gracefully with extreme visual wear and tear. 

27th August 2017
Fender Custom Shop Shop Fender Custom Shop


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