NUX B3 Plus Digital Wireless Microphone System Review

NUX B3 Plus Digital Wireless Microphone System Review

The NUX B3 Plus Digital Microphone kit features a compact, 2.4Khz digital microphone transmitter and receiver which is designed to turn any standard vocal microphone into a high end, digital wireless microphone system.

Given the modest price point and how feature rich the NUX B3 Plus system is (it even includes decent quality hand held microphone!) I was excited to get my hands on it and really put it through it’s paces.

What's in the Box
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x Charging USB Splitter cable
1x Camera hot shoe holder
1x Female XLR to 3.5mm jack cable

First Impressions and Build Quality
On opening the packaging, my first thought was how well built the transmitter and receiver were. The weight is good and the moulded body structure is solid and really feels like it will stand up to vigorous use over time. The buttons are slightly inset to avoid accidental presses and feel well built.
The XLR connectors are metal and when plugged into the microphone/mixing desk there is no annoying wobble or movement.
I first worried that having the transmitter plugged in to my trusted Shure SM58 that it would all feel to long and cumbersome but in reality, when connected the microphone ends up being no longer than a traditional wireless handheld microphone.

NUX B3 Plus Digital Wireless Microphone System Review

Built in Battery and Charging
Both the transmitter and receiver have a built-in battery which is charged with the included USB Y cable from your standard phone charger etc so it is really easy to top the power up when you need to. We had a unit on test for a good couple of hours with no dip in battery level so getting through the gig won’t be an issue. NUX states that you’ll get up to 7 hours use from a single charge which is impressive for such a small piece of equipment.
To save your battery, there is a built-in, automatic sleep and deep sleep mode with auto wake functionality that kicks in when there is no signal for a period of time.

Digital 2.4Khz and Pairing
This microphone system is true digital and does not use the older VHF or UHF standards which in basic terms means you don’t need a licence, you get superior clarity and fantastic range!
To pair the system out of the box, all I had to do was select the same channel on both the transmitter and receiver and after a short wait and some blue LEDs I was paired up and ready to go.

Range and Sound

On test, the sound clarity was excellent with no dropouts and no noticeable latency. We thought we would put the system through its paces and rather unfairly went on a wander through our 11,000 sq foot building, up stairs, into our warehouse and still no dropout!
Tonaly, we were impressed with the tone and the swap from cable to wireless was no better or worse.

In conclusion
This concept is excellent. You get to keep your favourite, tried and tested microphone and turn it into a digital wireless system. You can then just as easily plug your cable back in and go back to a wired setup should you need to.
I can’t really find any faults with the NUX B3 PLUS. Invest in this and get an easy to use, robust digital mic system and a decent enough mic to use it with too!

Other Stuff
You also get a camera hot shoe adapter and a mini jack cable adapter. We didn’t test this but I would imagine this would be a great, low cost videographer audio solution.


SOUND - 4.5/5

29th March 2024


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