Which Pedalboard Should I Buy?

Which Pedalboard Should I Buy?

The pedalboard market is forever expanding and with so many brands and specs to choose from it can all get confusing! Here is a guide to help you make the right decision for you and your needs.

So, which is the best pedalboard?...and which guitar pedalboard should I buy to suit my needs? Well, with so many options available it's hard to decide based on your budget and requirements which is best, so let us help you find the perfect home for your pedals!

So, you're starting to build up a small collection of guitar pedals? Along with your new found tonal bliss you will start to realise there are many issues that come with this. Pedals jumping and skating around the floor, being knocked around or damaged, creating tonnes of messy wires, being too far apart to reach or too close together? We have all been there. Thankfully the pedalboard was invented and we have a great range to chose from here at GigGear, whether you're just starting out or a world touring pro musician.

With any pedalboards there are a few things that you need to think about before committing to one. The number one question you need to ask yourself is “how much space do i need?” Obviously different pedals vary massively in shapes and sizes so it's always a good idea to find out the measurements of both the board and any pedals you want to include. Planning this out will help you decide the layout and whether you're going to be able to fit everything you need comfortably, remember to think about leaving room for the patch cables in between.

Stagg UPC Pedalboards

This is a range of real no-nonsense workhorse pedalboards from Stagg. The Stagg UPC’s are attractive for a budding pedal fanatic for a number of reasons, they are affordable, lightweight, rugged and above all, portable like a pedalboard should be.

When it comes to protection the Stagg UPCs are a great option thanks to the included pedal tape that will keep your pedals grounded inside, a moulded handle that is comfortable enough stop any dropping accidents, secure latches, high density foam interior and small rubber feet to avoid tipping over.


BOSS BCB Pedalboards

The BCB range from BOSS features two models, the BOSS BCB-30 and the BOSS BCB-60.

The smaller of these two models is the BCB-30 which provides space for three compact BOSS effects pedals and comes with a daisy-chain cable for powering the pedals (With optional PSA230 power supply) as well as two patch cables to connect them. If it’s the BOSS compact effects pedals that you love and trust when it comes to your simple set up, this tailor fitted pedalboard is excellent value, practical and bullet proof.

The larger of the BCB range, the BCB-60, is designed to be more versatile by allowing the user to customize the interior to fit a wide variety of pedals and power up to 7 effects with the included 100ma AC adaptor. BOSS also include all the cables you need to start using your board straight away, such as the essential patch and power cables. With all these handy extras the BCB-60 is great for moderate sized gigging set ups and players who don’t want the hassle of building a board from scratch.

Both these lightweight boards can be used for storage, transport and of course as floor pedal board. This is thanks to their tough molded resin shell designed to withstand heavy impact as well as their useful moulded handle with solid plastic hinges.


Diago Pedalboards

Diago are a big player in the pedalboard world, manufacturing top quality boards to suit any player's needs as well as any pedal related accessory you can think of! Their pedalboard expertise certainly shine through in their current flight case style range, featuring the Commuter, Gigman, Showman and Tourman boards.

The Diago Commuter is the smallest of range, and is an ultra portable pedalboard (with soft case) designed for players on the go. The Gigman, Showman and Tourman all share similiar qualities with the sizes only being the difference, the Gigman being the smallest, then the Showman and finally the Tourman being the largest. All Diago boards feature a detachable quick release foam lined lid, 1/2" eastern plywood body, polyweave cloth finish, steel corner strengtheners, a strong amp style handle and even 4m of velcro to attach your pedals with.

Less really is more here as Diago have created classy, no-nonsense boards that offers endless pedal configuration flexibility combined with practical, rock solid professional performance. 


Pedaltrain Pedalboards

You will always find Pedaltrain products on the pros boards all over the globe, whether it's small pub gigs or the Glastonbury headliner. Pedaltrain really do have a board for everyone!

The extensive Pedaltrain range is made up of a few different series and then within that series they offer multiple sizes that come with either a hard or soft case. The series that are currently available are the Nano (2 rails), Metro (3 rails), Classic (4 rails) and Novo (5 rails). Our most popular models are the Nano, Classic 2 and Metro 24. 

The key to the Pedaltrain success is it’s pure flexibility and the way it has solved many common pedalboard issues. The age old problem of weight is simply non-existent with the Pedaltrains thanks to their lightweight aircraft grade aluminium construction while the rail system makes attaching your pedals and power supplies a breeze. Power supplies can be mounted underneath out the way to save space and any wires or patch cables can be threaded through the open gaps with ease to open up all kinds of possibilities as well as avoiding the stress of tangled wires.

Whatever you need from your pedalboard Pedaltrain will have you covered. You can always expect a top quality product that will never let you down when it comes to protection or practicality and will give you the perfect canvas to personalise your board to you in every detail.


We always keep a large range of pedalboards in stock so feel free to browse our website or pop into our Harlow store. For any further information or advice feel free to call us on 01279 432 900. 

02nd August 2016
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