BOSS VE500 Vocal Performer

BOSS VE500 Vocal Performer

The BOSS VE500 Vocal Performer is a new vocal processor designed especially for the singing guitarist

Are you the lead singer in a band who also happens to play guitar? Are you the main guitarist but also supply support as a backing singer? Need some harmonies to complement your vocals whilst playing guitar?....well, the BOSS VE500 Vocal Performer could be just the tool for you.

BOSS have designed the VE-500 as the ultimate tool for the singing guitarist's pedalboard. It'll easily integrate into your effects setup, without affecting your all important guitar tone whilst delivering a range of effects to take your vocals to the next level.

BOSS VE500 Vocal Performer

The VE-500 gives you access to harmonies, pitch correction and vocoder style effects, which are all driven by the chords you play on your guitar. In addition, you also have access to 4 independent vocal FX engines,  with effects including chorus, flanger, tremolo, distortion, radio voice, ring mod, slicer, filtering, and more!

Part of BOSS' expanding 500 Series, the VE-500 is a welcome addition to the range, giving a great vocal solution for all the singing guitarists out there.

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29th August 2018


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