Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings

Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings

The Ernie Ball Paradigm electric and acoustic strings promise to be the most durable, break resistant strings on the market...all whilst delivering that iconic Ernie Ball tone!

The Ernie Ball Paradigm strings have been especially designed to deliver unbeatable strength and durability whilst still delivering that all important Ernie Ball tone!

All strings utilize Ernie Ball's high strength steel (both wound and plain strings) and host a patented reinforcement at the ball end to provide strength and allow quicker and longer lasting tuning capabilities. On top of this a special nano treatment with a plasma enhanced wrap wire allows for added corrosion resistance and reduced debris build up.

Ernie Ball decided to test the strength of the strings on selected heavy hitters...and as you can see for yourself, there were certainly no string breakages here:

The Paradigm strings are currently available in Electric (6 and 7 string versions) and Acoustic sets (in both Phosphor and 80/20 bronze options).


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31st March 2017
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