Fender Limited Edition models for 2019

Fender Limited Edition models for 2019

Who doesn't love being a little different and owning something a little unique? Well, this is where Limited Edition models come into play, and we have a nice selection of Fender Limited Edition models in stock with more due to arrive over the next few months.

Amongst the models are a selection of pieces from the Parallel Universe range including the Powercaster, Sixty-Six and the Meteora...all things that very away from the norm, albeit with a nod to classic Fender elements.

We also have a couple of American made models too, with American Pro Light Ash and two Rosewood necked models, American Pro HSS in Rose Gold, and an American Pro Jazz Bass in Shell Pink.

Led Zep fans will appreciate the Jimmy Page "Dragon" Tele, whilst Tele fans also have the ever-popular Baja Tele now available for a short time in Shell Pink.

These models are all limited runs and once they are gone, yep, they are gone...grab a unique piece of Fender whilst you can!

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28th May 2019
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