New Fender American Pro Series Guitars and Basses

New Fender American Pro Series Guitars and Basses

This years American Standard Series is making way for the all new American Pro Series! The range delivers new colours, new V-Mod pickups and a welcome return for the Jaguar and Jazzmaster alongside the Strats, Teles and Basses.

After the recent update, with the Fender Deluxe models transitioning into the Fender Elite range, Fender have now turned there attention to the American Standard range and have superseded it with the new for 2016 Fender American Professional Series (or for those that like to shorten things - the American Pro Series!).

The American Professional Series delivers a range of guitars and basses that have been revamped and revitalised without breaking that all important Fender mould.

So what can you expect from the range? The key things are the new pickups (V-Mod and updated Shawbuckers), new neck profiles (deeper D profiles on the guitars), a change of fret style (narrow tall), new colours and several other welcome tweaks.

For the many Stratocaster fans out there they'll be three Strat models. The American Professional HH Strat, the American Professional HSS Strat and the American Professional Strat, which also comes in left handed configuration. 

Fans of the much loved Telecaster will be glad to Fender haven't strayed too far from the iconic vintage Tele design. New models include the American Professional Telecaster which is also avalible in left handed configuration and the exciting new Deluxe Shawbucker Telecaster.

This time Fender have also thought of the off-set guitar lovers with Jazzmasters and Jaguar models finally being added to Fenders premium line up, both of which have been hot-rodded for the modern player of today. 

At the heart of these instruments will be a collection of the new V-Mod pickups. Essentially these are updated versions of the true classic Fender designs but have been modified for a more modern performance and are sure to be packed with plenty of authentic Fender tones. Along with this you can expect to see the ShawBucker humbucking pickup in the Deluxe Tele, giving you a pickup specifically voiced for each position. 

The basses have also been treated to some tweaks too with the American Pro Series P Bass, Jazz Bass, 5-string and fretless options.

With the American Pro range, Fender have taken the much loved, tried and tested features from vintage designs and merged them beautifully with high performance modern upgrades, setting the new standard for Fender instruments!

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01st December 2016
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