Yamaha DTX400 Series

Yamaha DTX400 Series

Yamaha have added two new models in addition to the entry level DTX400K Electronic Drumkit; The Yamaha DTX430K and Yamaha DTX450K.

Yamaha have added two new models to the DTX400 Series, in addition to the entry level DTX400K Electronic Drumkit there is now the Yamaha DTX430K and Yamaha DTX450K.

Yamaha launched the DTX400K this year, delivering legendary Yamaha quality at a super affordable price. The DTX400K is a compact kit that comes loaded with over 169 sounds, a rugged steel frame, training facilites and included silent hi-hat and kick pedals.

The next model in the range is the new Yamaha DTX430K. Taking inspiration from the DTX400K, the DTX430K adds an all important feature that drummers will love - a genuine Yamaha kick pedal and the HH65 hi-hat pedal. This addition enables the DTX430K to deliver a more authentic drumming experience.

Finally we have the Yamaha DTX450K. The DTX450K takes all the great qualities of the DTX430K and adds a 3-Zone snare pad - allowing for snare head, open rimshot and closed rimshot voices - making way for increased musical expression.

If you are new to drums or want a great value electric drumkit to compliment your acoustic kit then one of the options in the DTX400 Series could be a perfect option.


Yamaha DTX400K

Yamaha DTX430K

Yamaha DTX450K


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12th December 2012


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